Saturday, September 20, 2008

Movie Review - Welcome to Sajanpur

वेलकॉमे टों सजनपुर

Welcome to Sajanpur - I must admit that i went to watch this movie with some great expectations but was let down a bit.

The movie is about a letter write Mahadev ( Shreyas ) who is a BA but due to lack of good job ends up making a business in letter writing.

He is the main protagnist of the movie who lets you in the life of other villagers like his love interest but much married Amrita Rao, ila arun ( loud ), ravi kishan ( boring ), rajeshwari sachdeva ( eeeks ), divya dutta ( wasted ), yashpal sharma ( good ) some odd subedar and some small and inute characters. One special mention for the actor who plays the eunuch in the film, he is superb but i dont remember his full name though it is some Jhankal. Full marks for wonderful performance.

The movie, typically of Shyam benegal to rake in social issues, is a good concept gone bad because of no story line. I mean they could have completely done away with the songs (not even hummable) and utilised that time to build upon a story of the each character. All the side characters had blink and miss roles though they were important for the story line. The film has touched upon many social issues like the acquisition of farmer's land for development, widow remarraige, and issues of husband working in Mumbai and wife in village, and many more.

final verdict - could have been better but then not bad

Rating 2.5/5

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10V said...

Well well...someone is more tough than the critics...hahahaha...Interesting review.
I honestly feel shyam benegal has always kept his finger on the nerve of villages of India, and this time, it just got a little commercial, hence the songs.